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Siam Thai-Massage you ancient body and mind healing

art from Thailand, known as traditional Thai massage,

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Thai Oil Relaxation Massage , Aromatherapy Massage

Sport and Deep Tissue Massage , Siam Thai Hot Stone Massage

Facial Scrub, Thai Foot Massage Reflexology , Foot Massage

Siam Thai Head Neck and Shoulder Massage Thai Body Scrub

Thai Massage It is an ancient massage involving deep tissue massage,

stretching, yoga, acupressure and foot massage, reflexology.

designed to help you relief from stress and pain. Back pain, sore or stiff neck,

stressed out or perhaps just like to get relaxed, please try our therapeutic massage treatments.

and can be a great way to aid your body’s fast recovery.

It takes all body joints through their natural range of movements.

Stretching muscles using hands, elbows, forearms, feet and knees. Headaches, stiff necks, back pain,

and general tension, just a few to mention, are eased leaving you relaxed and revitalized.

Increases flexibility and energy levels. Also improves range of motions.

Thai massage unblocking energy lines and foot massage,

reflexology stimulating the internal organs activity.

It uses thumbs, palms, hands, elbow, knee and foot.

Foot massage uses hands, fingers and wood stick with cream or oil.

Thai massage with hot stones is an exciting and powerful mind and body experience.